1. Are you a Tyrant? “Yes, I am”.
  2. “Sometimes, reasonable men must do unreasonable things”.
  3. He called 911 because his car was stuck. The cops killed him.
  4. The knee Derek Chauvin used to suffocate George Floyd to death.
  5. Stomped on the face, 24th September 2021, Indianapolis.
  6. How many dollars do American inmates receive per hour of labour?
  7. Fined 200€ for eating inside her car.
  8. Raised police budgets after years of campaigning to “Defund the Police”.
  9. How many citizens are killed by police officers?
  10. How many police officers intervened in Uvalde’s school shooting?
  11. Animal that the Black Panther Party used as a depiction of a bad police officer.
  12. Adjective, colour and reason of suspicion.
  13. Tactic used by police to turn peaceful protest into riots. 14. 1312.
  14. They ride obnoxiously loud vehicles so you can hear them coming a mile away. They wear uniforms that include a patch so that you know what group they belong to. This is how open and obvious organised violence is. If you stay away from them they won’t bug you. But the reality is, they are known for dealing with drugs, murder, extorsion, gun violence, etc.